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AWG and Administrative Offset Articles

Administrative Wage Garnishment: What Are Your Rights?

When you’re trying to stretch your paycheck from week to week, wage garnishment can feel like an impossible hurdle. Garnishment happens when you owe money for something pertaining to the government or legal matters. This is different from the amount that’s voluntarily taken out of your paycheck for regular taxes. It might seem rough to…

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The Secrets Of Federal Wage Garnishment Law: What’s Protected?

On average, more than 4 million Americans per year have their wages garnished. Too often, wage garnishment comes as a terrible surprise. Victims scramble to cover critical expenses on a fraction of their pay. A proper understanding of federal wage garnishment law can help. Keep reading now to learn what this law actually says and how you…

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How to Dispute Administrative Wage Garnishment: A Guide to a Good Defense

Everyone experiences misfortunes that cause them to fall behind financially. No one has control over job loss, illness, or a reduction in a spouse’s income. Not to mention, when life setbacks happen, other bills don’t stop coming in. Debt buries you when this happens. Unfortunately, the federal government lacks understanding and they will try to…

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How to Defend Against an Administrative Wage Garnishment Notice

Being in debt is never a fun experience, but it is one that most Americans are familiar with. Almost all adult Americans have some form of debt. The type and severity of this debt vary from person to person, but it is a situation that bonds us whether we like it or not. If your…

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How to Stop and Protect Yourself From Student Loan Garnishment

You can stop student loan garnishment by managing the situation effectively. Typically, you’ll have ten years to pay off your student loan debt. For many people, however, this isn’t an option. If you don’t make payments on your student loan debt, your account goes into default. If this happens, there are several options that the…

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What Social Security Offset Is and How It Can Ruin Your Retirement

As you reach retirement age, you may be looking forward to a change of pace. However, you may be shocked to find that your Social Security benefits are lower than you thought. If you owe a government related debt, the Treasury can offset up to 15% of your benefit. What Is Social Security Offset? Administrative…

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Can I Revisit An Administrative Wage Garnishment If The Coronavirus Affects My Pay?

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to wreak havoc across the globe. The government has restricted goods, services and travel.  Moreover, people across the globe have reduced their business activity.   This has greatly affected business and may negatively affect your pay. Some good news: you may reduce or eliminate your administrative wage garnishment due to…

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Tax Refund Offset and Your Student Loans: Everything You Need to Know

There are 6 reasons the government can refuse to issue your tax refund and use it as a tax refund offset. These include when you have a delinquent federal or state income tax bill, you have collected more unemployment compensation than you are due, you have defaulted on your student loans, or you owe back…

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Everything You Need to Know About the Consumer Credit Laws

You spent the last four years working hard to get your college degree, so you could create a good future for yourself. When you graduated, the job market wasn’t quite what you expected and now you’re behind on your student loans and possibly facing legal action. Consumer credit laws were put into place to help…

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5 Ways to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment

Even with a decent paying job after graduating from college, making enough money to cover loan payments can be tricky. It’s especially tough when you make little money and have trouble covering bills as it is.  You can stop a student loan wage garnishment. When you fail to pay your federal student loans, though, the…

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HUD May Try to Garnish Your Wages: Here’s What Happens

Having HUD garnish your wages (or threaten to) in order to pay your debt is a serious matter. Here’s what it means and how we can help you. Debt is a serious issue. Expenses can quickly pile up, and without regular payment, your debt can become more problematic. Just ask the HUD. If you have…

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What to Do If You Get a Notice of Intent to Collect

It can be frightening to get a Notice of Intent (NOI) to Collect letter, we know. You do have options! Keep reading for what an NOI is and what you can do. If you’ve received services from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but have struggled to meet the payment terms, you…

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