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DoD/DFAS Administrative Wage Garnishment

If you have received a notice of intent to garnish your wages from a military debt, you are entitled to defend yourself.

You Owe a Military Related Debt

You may find yourself in a situation where you owe the Department of Defense/Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DoD/DFAS) because of a debt your incurred while serving in the military, attending a military academy or your enrollment in an ROTC program.

Administrative Wage Garnishment

Administrative Wage Garnishment

You may have been attending one of the military academies and failed to complete your education.  Maybe you were overcompensated while in the service.  Or maybe you were not able to fulfill your ROTC obligations.   Now DoD/DFAS want you to repay. Owing a military debt can adversely affect your finances and your credit.   You need legal help.

The Administrative Wage Garnishment

An administrative wage garnishment or AWG can severely affect your household finances.  The amount deducted is up to 15% of disposable wages. Agencies, such as DoD/DFAS or the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service have the authority to institute the garnishment administratively, without ever suing you. However, you are entitled to a notice and hearing.  The government must notify you at least thirty days in advance and provide you with an opportunity to request a hearing or negotiate a payment plan.

You may argue that the debt is not enforceable against you, the amount claimed is incorrect and/or that an AWG would constitute a financial hardship.  Even if you failed to request a hearing previously and your wages are currently being garnished, you may still be entitled to a hearing and a chance to fight the garnishment.

Protect Law Group Provides Experienced, Assertive AWG Defense Representation

You must prove your defenses at the hearing through evidence.  This means documentation, written testimony or any other type of acceptable evidence.  Protect Law Group has the experience and wherewithal to establish and present your case.  We make sure no stone is left unturned to defeat the government’s attempt to take your hard earned money.

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