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You Owe a Debt to the Veteran's Administration

If you owe the Veteran's Administration (VA) the government can take your hard-earned money through an administrative wage garnishment.  This means the government can take up to 15% of each paycheck you receive until the debt is paid including administrative costs.

The Administrative Wage Garnishment Notice

Your debt may be for an over payment of benefits, or a determination that you received benefits inappropriately or any number of other reasons.  Receiving a notice that you owe the government money can be daunting.  But receiving a notice that the government intends to take 15% of each paycheck is devastating.

You Have Rights

Protect Law Group provides veterans and their families with assertive, experienced legal representation in administrative wage garnishment hearings.

Veteran's Administration AWG Representation

Veteran's Administration AWG Representation

You have a right to such a hearing and to present evidence in your defense.  You can challenge an administrative wage garnishment based on the existence, enforceability or the amount of the debt as well as the fact that the garnishment would cause a financial hardship.

Protect Law Group ensures you have the proper representation to defend yourself by obtaining critical records and information from the Veteran's Administration and presenting that evidence in your defense.  Our attorneys ensure a administrative wage garnishment does not act as a financial hardship to you under the law.  You should not face the government alone when fighting the for your wages.

Even if the administrative wage garnishment is in effect, you may still be entitled to a hearing.  In fact, the wage garnishment will be suspended after 60 days from when we submit your hearing request if a hearing is not held within that time.

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